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18th Aug `16, 10:52 AM in Machine Learning
Machine Learning
19th Aug `16, 01:31 PM
First there was big data – extremely large data sets that made it possible to use data analytics to reveal patterns and trends, allowing businesses to improve customer relations and production efficiency. Then came fast data analytics – the application of big data analytics in real-time to help solve issues with customer relations...
Travel / Hospitality
24th Aug `16, 04:17 PM
An overdue evolution is happening in travel search, especially in the hotel sector. Doesn’t searching for a “hotel in downtown Miami” seem archaic when the travel industry has so much more information to work with? For instance, it’s entirely possible to search for qualities like “excellent service” or for London...
23rd Aug `16, 03:45 PM
Nowadays there is a great variety of different useful tools for market researchers that are free and open for usage. Today you can use such instruments to enhance your business and significantly improve effectiveness of your work...
Banking / Finance
22nd Aug `16, 05:59 PM
During my school days, I was a student of commerce & finance stream, while studying for ICWAI course. I heard about computers in the early 90s and felt this is something that might redefine how business & life will be conducted...
17th Aug `16, 03:35 PM
A data driven business utilises data to inform every business decision they make. By analysing relevant data and evaluating it they are able to form a conclusion and predict trends. Data-driven businesses ensure their company culture...